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Client Testimonials

August 24, 2016

I have worked for a number of years with Linda, owner of Scrimshaws, and have always been happy with what we have accomplished here in the General Palmer Hotel.

With Linda’s expert and professional help, we were able to entirely remodel the majority of our guest rooms and do so within a very tight time frame. I know that we could not have achieved this feat without her. She helped us choose wallpaper, carpeting, lighting, and matching furniture, etc. Her sources were so numerous that we had many choices and options, because we were renovating a historic hotel, we needed to choose many different wall coverings and accessories, for our 39 rooms.

Linda is wonderful to work with and she is filled with ideas. I highly recommend her and her expertise, you will not be disappointed.

Paula N. Nelson
General Manager
The General Palmer Hotel

August 2016

We recently had a most pleasant and productive experience with Linda Shaw-Gramera of Scrimshaw’s LTD. To us the task at hand was mighty:

  • select upholstery fabrics for a sofa and two wing-back chairs,
  • select material for sofa pillows, and
  • select an area rug that ties the color choices together

After determining our price range and the general style we prefer, she expertly guided up effortlessly through sample books and catalogues as we zeroed in on exactly what we wanted. Linda knows her companies, knows their products, and knows hot o smoothly expedite a client’s selection process. Her professionalism reached so far as to provide us with updates on estimated shipping times and other arrangements. All in all working with Linda was a wonderful experience. We got what we wanted, and we recommend her without reservation.

Rick & Rebecca Sibley
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Leonard & Margaret Baldwin

We were, indeed, extremely happy with your services and pricing. You did more than go the extra mile to help us with our situation. The “system” is working out perfectly and the drapes are so “useable” – easy to open and close and very attractive. Thanks so much for all your prompt and ingenious answers to our particular situation. We’re very thankful that we wandered into your place of business and you worked with us. We did do some other investigating with other businesses and they were just out-of-line – and you were so much nicer to work with.

Thank you again for your help with our windows!

Leonard & Margaret Baldwin

Mark & Mara Clark

My wife and I recently had occasion to use the decorating talents of Linda Shaw-Gramera and were delighted beyond our expectation at the result. We bought our vacation home in Durango in the fall and had some basic furnishings, but no decorations and accoutrements.
We didn’t have the opportunity to meet her before we returned to California, but considered her services after receiving her advertisement by mail. We liked the look of the places she decorated that were posted to her website. We consulted with Linda by telephone and email on the kinds of things we wanted. She visited the house and came back with some ideas and measurements and suggestions. She also sent us some scanned pictures of furniture she thought might work. We took the plunge and gave her a limited budget and out priorities for decoration (living and dining rooms first, master and guest bedrooms second, office last, etc.). We corresponded by email during the process on several occasions. As you can image, neither my wife nor I fully knew what to expect.
But the day after Christmas, we drove to Durango and saw, for the first time, what Linda had done. We were amazed at how much she accomplished with the budget we gave her and how well it was arranged. It was Christmas all over again as we moved from room to room, each one holding multiple surprises and delights. In fact, my wife summed up the whole experience by saying that we now lived in a “model” home. I couldn’t have agreed more, and neither could our friends from California who came to visit.
It probably should go without saying that we highly recommend Linda Shaw-Gramera’s services to you. She’s talented and willing to work within your budget and, to the extent possible, on your timetable. She goes out of her way to find things that fit your style and wallet. If you want someone you can trust without your presence, she’s the one.

And her husband is a nice guy to boot!
Mark & Mara Clark 
Claremont, Ca.

Dennis & Mary Alice Foote

“After seventeen years, we felt it was time to sit down and, in writing, express our sincere appreciation for all your work. You should certainly realize your value to us since we have our trust in your knowledge of design on six houses. You have worked with us on three homes in Durango and our present home in California.
Moreover, you totally decorated the two homes at the lake in Havasu City, Arizona, strictly from the floor plans. We do not think we can fully list the many ideas, services, and products you have provided us over the years.
You have done everything from assisting us in building a new house to remodeling existing houses to simply decorating others. We have consulted with you on colors, wall , floor and window coverings, lighting, fans, bath and kitchen fixtures, appliances furniture and accessories.
You have been the steward of design on both the interior and exterior of our houses. Your vast resources have resulted in quality and tastefully designed home.
Hopefully, in the next few years we will build on our Idaho property, if not somewhere else , and we will need you again.”

Dennis & Mary Alice Foote
Palmdale, Ca.

Helen Bair Evanston

I do apologize for taking so long to contact you. I have thought of you many times each day, but have been overwhelmed by the whole experience of moving from my big house in Colorado to a cottage in Illinois!
My saving grace was the great job you did preparing me and my furnishings for the move, and the cottage for my arrival. Although most other things did not go smoothly, everything you did worked out perfectly and I am appreciating your work every day! In addition, I have received compliments from the very first day from relatives and staff here, commenting on the colors and materials you chose, and the furniture arrangements you created. It all works beautifully!

Thank you! Thank you! The transition has been challenging, but I like my little cottage so much that I know everything will be just fine when I figure out how things work in this community and get used to the area.
Thank you so much for being such a great help to me over all these years and the many different projects, whether large or small. I have come to you when I had plans but didn’t know how to make it all work. You always came to my rescue, held my hand through the entire process and went out of your way to solve every problem until I had an outstanding results – a very happy and beautiful place to live and enjoy every time! I am so grateful for being able to rely on you and the knowledge and energy you put into your work. In addition your attention to detail makes everything work beautifully – a home that is a pleasure to live in and experience!

With sincere gratitude, many thanks and best wishes.
Helen Bair
Evanston, IL

Georgann & Dick Reitz

“Our excitement in deciding to build our new home was soon displaced by the realization of the many, many decisions that needed to be made. We needed help. After interviewing several interior designers, we chose Linda. We made a great choice. Her skills and knowledge were invaluable in turning our concepts into reality. We involved Linda in the design of our house as well as the interior decorating. Our style is a blend of southwestern and contemporary. She added her input and perspective to many architectural details such as the fireplace wall, kitchen, lighting, front door and room layouts vis-à-vis furniture options. Next came the selection of colors, flooring, bathroom tile, light fixtures, furniture and many others. Linda was a great help in making our dreams come true. Not only does she have a talent for building on ideas, but she let us know in a non-confrontational manner when she thought something was not going to work. She’s patient and she listens. Linda has an excellent knowledge of furniture, fabrics, lighting and local crafts people. Another quality we really appreciated is that she always brought us selections within our price range and was mindful of our budget. Although our decorating pace has slowed down, we still are relying on Linda’s talents as we finish up our home. We certainly recommend that you consider her for your decorating needs”.

Georgann & Dick Reitz
Durango, Co.

Joe & Jeanell Atkinson

“My wife and I were most fortunate to find Scrimshaws Ltd. when we were furnishing and decorating our new home. Linda and Bob were wonderful to work with and great with ideas and sound advice. That was eleven years ago. Since that time we have found ourselves calling on Scrimshaws time and again.
At Scrimshaws, Linda’s smiling face, up-beat mood and can-do attitude are refreshing and reassuring. Over these eleven years, Scrimshaws has also been instrumental and, as always, very helpful when we have needed their services in our business. Whether major remodel or just some minor replacement part, Linda gives it the same enthusiastic effort.

Would we recommend Scrimshaws Ltd.? YOU BET WE WOULD!!!”

Joe & Jeanell Atkinson
Durango, Co